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Build up your communication skills through the process of refining a real email, document, or presentation you’re working on. Coaching enables you to make rapid progress toward your personal goals because it leverages your existing strengths and gives you targeted support with the specific aspects of communication you want to improve.

Email Coaching

Get a sharp “second set of eyes” to give you detailed feedback on a draft. We review emails, documents, presentations, infographics, and marketing collateral. You’ll find our personalized comments easy to understand and apply—and if you need additional explanation, your coach is standing by.

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Live Coaching

Sometimes what you really need is a sounding board. Live coaching gives you a chance to talk through your vision for a piece of communication and the challenges you’re wrestling with. You’ll come away with targeted suggestions to improve the document you’re working on as well as tips to help you become a more efficient and effective communicator.

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Online Programs

Our online programs are built with busy professionals in mind. They give you the flexibility to work on the particular communication skills and document types that matter to you, without getting bogged down trying to absorb knowledge you may never use.

Feedback plays a vital role in all our programs. You’ll produce authentic writing (writing you’ll use in your job or organization) and receive comments from other program participants and your Clarity Coach.

Messaging Mentor

Learn how to craft compelling marketing materials that attract your ideal customer and resonate with a distinct brand voice. Choose the self-paced modules that will enable you to achieve your strategic marketing goals and submit up to three pieces of marketing collateral for detailed feedback.

Leadership Writing for Engineers

As you step into leadership, your communication skills must stretch to fit your new responsibilities. Learn how to craft clear, authoritative documents that reflect your personal leadership style and motivate people to follow your direction. Get detailed feedback on a real document you’re creating for a client, a supervisor, or your team.

Authoring Services

Working with a Clarity Coach is a collaborative, iterative process. Our role is to empower you to express your message in the way that will be most persuasive to your target audience.

Since you’re the expert on your mission and your audience, we need input from you to do our job. A typical project starts with a Clear Sight Session, a deep discussion about your audience and your strategic goals. From there, expect to provide feedback on one or two drafts. If you can also get feedback from your target audience, we encourage that!

Do you need to outsource an immediate communication project but wish you could develop in-house capacity to create your own content? Ask us about combining authoring services with email and/or live coaching.

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