Tired of getting that glazed-eye look?

You know, that expression that’s a mix of confusion and boredom. It tells you that your audience

has zoned out because they just don’t get what you’re trying to say.

We help you express your innovative ideas in simple,

clear communication that engages and motivates your target audience.

We don’t just “capture” concepts and information. We help you find the words to develop novel ideas and present them in ways that resonate with your target audience.

Count on us to challenge your thinking and help you break through mental barriers separating you from your audience.

Founder Dr. Dawn Henwood explains what it’s like to work with Clarity Studio.

What kind of innovator are you?

Whatever your field of expertise, we make it easier for you to articulate your new ideas, connect with your audience, and make great things happen.


Attract funders and customers through precise, punchy messaging that captures the unique value of what you have to offer. Own your message without having to do all the heavy lifting on key documents that will drive your business forward: funding applications, web copy, emails, sell sheets, and more.


Fast-track the commercialization process by producing clear, concise funding applications and pitches. We can help you craft a compelling business case to include in grant applications, pitch decks, and white papers.

STEM Professionals

Bridge the knowledge gap between technical and business teams so you can solve problems quickly, avoid costly delays, and build positive relationships with stakeholders and your team. We take the pain out of technical writing, making it easier for you to produce various kinds of writing, including emails, reports, proposals, project management documents, and presentations.

Join us in the

Choose exactly the kind of communication support you need to fit the stage of your business, your organizational culture, and your strategic goals.

Many of our clients combine coaching with authoring services so they can build in-house capacity for communication AND create final products ready for customers or investors.

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